1. Dragonwatch: Champion of the Titan Games. Brandon Mull.
  2. Superman: Secret Origin. Geoff Johns/Gary Frank.
  3. The trials of Shazam! Judd Winick/Howard Porter/Mario Cascioli.
  4. Avengers Disassembled. Brian Michael Bendis/David Finch.
  5. Keeper of the Lost Cities. Shannon Messenger.
  6. Love Comes Softly. Janette Oke.
  7. Los Cinco y el tesoro de la isla. Enid Blyton.
  8. Exile. Shannon Messenger.
  9. Love’s Enduring Promise. Janette Oke.
  10. Everblaze. Shannon Messenger.
  11. Neverseen. Shannon Messenger.
  12. Love’s Long Journey. Janette Oke.
  13. Lodestar. Shannon Messenger.
  14. Nightfall. Shannon Messenger.
  15. Largo pétalo de mar. Isabel Allende.
  16. Virgin River. Robyn Cook.
  17. Shelter Mountain. Robyn Cook.
  18. Whispering Rock. Robyn Cook.
  19. Second Chance Pass. Robyn Cook.
  20. Love’s Abiding Joy. Janette Oke.
  21. Love’s Unending Legacy. Janette Oke.
  22. Love’s Unfolding Dream. Janette Oke.
  23. Love Takes Wing. Janette Oke.
  24. Love Finds a Home. Janette Oke.


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